As seasoned veterans in the email marketing space, we know what’s important. That’s why protecting your brand is our top priority. We invested in resources to build and implement a proprietary, multi-tier brand protection system from the ground up, and guarantee brand protection because of it. When determining ad placements, we consider factors such as connection, loyalty, fit, and quality that impact the level of consumer trust. By scanning and verifying the quality of your ad environment prior to your ad being served, Quad2 Media delivers quality audiences to premium ad environments with 100% transparency.

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With every Quad2 Media campaign you can expect:

Spam-free emails

Our team of experts check and monitor our IP addresses, guaranteeing legitimacy. Our professionals ensure that email addresses are scanned and processed to verify deliverability.

Targeted Lists

Our extensive database, list segmentation capabilities, and hundreds of selection criteria allow you to match and target the exact audience you need.

Expert Help

Our marketing experts are available around the clock to deploy hundreds of thousands of emails annually.

Design Options

Choose from our extensive template gallery or use your own design.

Privacy Protection

We adhere to all industry privacy guidelines.

Secure Reporting

From send to open, our technology tracks and records it all.

Introducing The Markets

Email continues to be one of the most cost effective ways to target and acquire new customers. Quad2 Media has the ability to target the appropriate and responsive audience in the global market such as:

target United States
United States
target United Kingdom
United Kingdom
target Canada
target Hispanics
target International