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team philosophy

Our technology philosophy is using the best tool for the job. Whether that's a bleeding edge data store or a tried and true framework that have been in production forever is a meeting item. Our focus is on motivation, we care about what brings out the best in the individuals who powers our teams. None of our staff are cube monkeys, everyone has a strong role to play in the future of the company and a stake in its success. We believe strongly in an ego-free environment. Our teams of engineers, data scientists, and operations staff work together on a per-project basis. This allows for a special kind of mentorship and the ability to learn all different aspects of the business.

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Quad2 Media's Office:

core benefits

the complete package

  1. Competitive salary and benefits.
  2. Unlimited fair-trade caffeine, fruits and snacks.
  3. Access to cutting edge technology like Amazon Redshift, Spark clusters, and Redis.
  4. A fast-paced, challenging work environment.
  5. Mentorship with some of the best and the brightest in their field.
  6. Convenient office locations.

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