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client services

Our talented experts will work with you to create an effective marketing campaign. From targeting your ideal customers, designing creative, delivering, and tracking your emails, our Email Campaign Builder can help you create the most successful campaigns.

list management

At Quad2 Media, our list management services reduce undeliverable and problematic addresses to improve your results, ensuring that your campaigns are delivered to engaged users and yields long-term subscriber value. Our segmentation capabilities promises that your audience receives the information they need in real time. With the ability to remove your outdated email addresses, also known as “bounces,” and provide a new email where available, our list management targets specific verticals ensuring that your emails go to the correct consumer each time.

Quad2 Media’s List Management has one primary goal: to deliver successful campaigns for our partners. To do so we leverage a complete suite of industry leading tools and services built around our five core practices:

  1. Protect Your Core Business: At Quad2 Media, we understand that protecting your core business is crucial. Our qualified list management team guides you in quality data collection methods to attain first-rate list hygiene.
  2. Proprietary Technology: Quad2 Media’s revolutionary platform provides the necessary tools to successfully transmit email campaigns while saving on deployment costs associated with manual list management.
  3. Continuous Analysis: Our experienced in-house team of analysts continuously monitor campaign results to optimize and improve performance levels and ROI.
  4. Content Scoring: Our team understands that there are a multitude of steps involved in getting your messaged delivered. With the first step being getting whitelisted with ISP’s that allow your message to make through their delivery system. Though this is crucial, our team understands that the importance of taking it a step further with content scoring. Content Scoring makes sure your message is not BULKED with other messages. Let our team help you find out how your content is rated by popular spam filters, helping you to better raise delivery.
  5. Premium Payouts: Quad2 Media’s service is directly integrated with advertisers and agencies on the Union Square Media advertising network, ensuring premium payouts as a result of high performance and lead quality.

data mining

At Quad2 Media, we believe that your customers are your greatest assets. With Quad2 Media’s Data Mining service, you’ll be provided with the data quality you need to reach them and market successfully. Our services help you get a competitive edge and enable you to target specific verticals and boost your response rates all while maximizing results.

email append

Quad2 Media’s Appends technology enables you to add valued information onto accounts in your database to target and reach segments with the most appropriate messages. As simple, cost effective channel to build your email database and connect with your customers, our Email Append service adds missing business address to help you efficiently connect with your contacts. Leverage our multichannel database to you’re your message reach the right people at the right time.

match & deploy

Our multi-channel database, comprehensive demographic, and list segmentation comprise the very best and most effective marketing channels that Quad2 Media has to offer. With our Match & Deploy system we take an advertiser’s postal file, match it against our database comprised of more than 200 million unique users, and add an email address, which then finds a match to deploy the advertiser’s acquisition message to every matched record.

CAN-SPAM Compliance Quad2 Media adheres to all industry privacy guidelines and standards.
Our team of professionals is trained to accommodate and fulfill your needs.