Quad 2 Media

what we do

Quad2 Media's primary objective is to positively influence consumer's brand perception and increase consumer trust. Our team understands that consumer's brand perception and response significantly vary depending on the medium in which the ad appears, so we take many considerations into account when determining ad placement, including examining influences such as trust and content relevance in relation to the consumer's intent at the moment of impact.

As seasoned veterans in the space, our team makes protecting your brand a top-tier priority. In order to guarantee this, we have heavily invested on resources in building and implementing a proprietary multi-tier brand protection system from the ground up. Quad2 Media's platform is unlike any other brand protection platform available. We highly consider factors such as connection, loyalty, fit, and quality that significantly impact the level of consumer trust when determining ad placements. This revolutionary and powerful technology scans and verifies the quality of your ad environment prior to your ad is being served, thus delivering quality audiences to premium ad environments with 100% transparency.

Our team dedicates their time to collaborate with you to customize a program that works for you by identifying all potential terminology, brands, keywords, and contextual placements that are not in line with your brand, helping to ensure that your ad placement process produces optimal ROI. In addition to our proprietary technology, our service also pairs you with our in-house compliance team, adding manual validation, looking over campaigns and double-checking third party verifications.


With every Quad2 Media campaign you can expect:

  • spam-free email addresses

    Our team of experts check and monitor our IP addresses, guaranteeing legitimacy. Our professionals ensure that email addresses are scanned and processed to verify deliverability.

  • targeted lists

    Our extensive database, list segmentation capabilities, and hundreds of selection criteria allow you to match and target the exact audience you need.

  • expert help

    Our marketing experts are available around the clock to deploy hundreds of thousands of emails annually.

  • design options

    Choose from our extensive template gallery or use your own design.

  • privacy protection

    We adhere to all industry privacy guidelines.

  • secure online reporting

    From send to open, our technology tracks and records it all.

the markets

Email continues to be one of the most cost effective ways to target and acquire new customers. Quad2 Media has the ability to target the appropriate and responsive audience in the global market such as:

  • united states
  • united kingdom
  • canada
  • hispanics
  • international

CAN-SPAM Compliance Quad2 Media adheres to all industry privacy guidelines and standards.
Our team of professionals is trained to accommodate and fulfill your needs.